data synchronization - Why did my iPhone Notes stop syncing with Gmail?

  • Senseful

    I just logged into Gmail and noticed that the last note to sync was from 6 days ago, even though I have newer notes on my iPhone.

    When I try to test it now by deleting, updating, or adding a note, it does not sync with Gmail. I have 355 notes on the iPhone, and 350 in Gmail.

    I seem to recall that after pressing the done button in the Notes application, the working indicator would appear showing that there is network activity (i.e. that it's syncing with Gmail). It no longer shows the spinner when I press "Done".

    I tried restarting the phone to no avail. I tried deleting an email in Gmail in case there is a 350 limit, but that didn't help either. I also tried deleting notes on the iPhone so that it had less than 350 (in case the iPhone had a 350 limit), it didn't solve the problem.

    I didn't change anything with the account setting on the iPhone nor on Gmail. I'm running an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.1. My iPhone is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

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  • LC1983

    The problem is that Google's implementation of IMAP isn't really 100% IMAP, so it doesn't really support notes. I've been trying to get it to work for quite a while which ended up with me losing all my notes (although they may still be in the Google Mail archive somewhere).

    I've actually given up trying to sync notes between my Mac/iPhone/Google and have gone for the Plain Text app which stores the notes on DropBox, this seems to work so much better. Now if only I could delete the Notes app from my iPhone.

  • Senseful

    I'm not sure what fixed it (restarting the phone? waiting a few days?), but now the sync is back to normal and I see the spinner icon whenever the notes are updated.

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    data synchronization - Where do the Notes associated with Gmail accounts get synced to on iPod touch?
  • leeand00

    I noticed that notes, like Calendars, get synced with a Gmail account on the iPod touch.

    But where do they get synced to? Where can I access them online?

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  • Senseful

    There's a difference between syncing with iTunes and over the air sync.

    If you set up your Gmail account to use over the air sync then when you open up the Notes app (on the iPod), you should notice a back button on the top left that allows you to change which account you use for notes. If you choose your Gmail account and start creating notes, you will start seeing them appear in your Gmail account, under the "Notes" label. This sync happens automatically once you press the "done" button on each note (as long as you have an internet connection).

    This has nothing to do with iTunes sync.

    You will only see notes that you create under this account in Gmail. You will not see all of your old notes. For that, see this question.

  • Chealion

    It syncs the notes from the Notes application on your iOS device to the Notes using a special mailbox on the Mail Accounts you have enabled (eg. your Gmail account here). They should appear in the Notes section in on your Mac or in a label called "Notes" on Gmail.

  • Area 51

    add notes to your email address ex : if your email is [email protected] just type [email protected] and send it then you can filter it in your inbox with label NOTES