mavericks - In Fullscreen, disable auto-hiding Mac menu bar

  • ring0

    (on latest Mavericks)

    While in VirtualBox (Ubuntu) fullscreen, on a Mac host, each time the mouse goes near the top, the Mac auto-hide menu bar appears - and I want to prevent that, or at least, since it's the annoying component, reduce the time it takes to that menu to disappear when the mouse goes down [currently it's ~1 seconds].

    Ideally the time needed to trigger that menu should be higher than currently [instant] - eg like keeping the mouse on top for 1 whole second.

    Illustration below shows the Ubuntu menu that has been overridden by the Mac menu when the mouse hits the top of the screen.

    Ubuntu in VBox fullscreen - mouse hits the top...

    There are already a few questions like this one that are either old or not answered.

    Any progress in Maverics, near 2014?

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    How can I hide my top menu bar on Mac OS X?
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    I need to temporarily (5 min) hide my top menu bar. Is there a glitch, or something that will let me do that?

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  • Seasoned Advice (cooking)

    You have a few choices.

    • MenuFela, site down, claims to do this.
    • MegaZoomer claims to zoom an app and hide the menu bar. Not sure if this will work, for example, with the Finder.
    • MenuShade does a so-so job. Hidden menu, but the shadow is there and the space is not usable
    • According to this hint you can edit the plist of the app and have the menu bar become hidden. Add the following to the Info.plist in the app bundle: