How to convert Keynote to PowerPoint online

  • bchol beisi neeman

    Is there a way to convert a Keynote file to PowerPoint (or an open format like Open/LibreOffice) online?

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  • JW8

    Zamzar claims to convert Keynote files to different formats (including PowerPoint) online. I don't use Keynote, so I can't vouch for the quality of the conversions, but here's one review of the free file conversion service.

  • Stephen

    I don't know if this is what you are after but this YouTube is a video on exporting a keynote slideshow as a powerpoint presentation. There is also Zamzar.

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    AppleScript or Automator Workflow for Bulk-Converting Powerpoint Presentations to Keynote
  • Kristopher Johnson

    I have a large set of Powerpoint presentations that I would like to convert to Keynote. I can convert each one manually by following these steps:

    1. In Finder, right-click Powerpoint document and select Open With... -> Keynote
    2. In Keynote, choose Save As..., check the Save copy as checkbox, select iWork '08 as the format, and click OK.

    However, doing this for each document is tedious. I'd like a way to convert them all at once.

    I've been trying to create an Automator workflow for this, but have been completely unsuccessful. (I think being a programmer actually makes it impossible to understand the for-the-rest-of-us tools like Automator and AppleScript.) Can anyone help me out?

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  • Kristopher Johnson

    I couldn't figure out how to get Automator to do it, but I was able to beat AppleScript into submission. Just save the following as an Application in the AppleScript Editor, then drag the files you want to convert onto the icon. It will prompt you to choose a folder where the converted files will be placed.

    on open droppedFiles
        set theDestinationFolder to (choose folder with prompt "Choose destination folder") as Unicode text
        repeat with theFile in droppedFiles
            tell application "Keynote"
                open theFile
                set theSlideshow to slideshow 1
                set theDestinationPath to theDestinationFolder & (name of theSlideshow)
                save theSlideshow in theDestinationPath
                close theSlideshow
            end tell
        end repeat
    end open

    (I don't really know what I'm doing with AppleScript. If there are improvements that can be made here, I'd like to know about them.)

  • kraymer

    Did you try to create an Automator workflow using the feature Watch Me Do (which seems appropriate here) ? What problems did you encounter ?