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  • freakout

    I bought an SSD for my Macbook Pro. I did a backup of my hdd disk (as I always do with Time Machine) and used the disk utility to restore that backup to my ssd disk. The restore worked perfectly, but Finder is always crashing and restarting and crashing... So I googled a lot and tried to create a second user account. There the problem does not occur. So it seems to be a account-specific problem. But how can I see where the problem is? I don't want to use the new account, because all settings and preferences are gone.

    The crash report:

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  • Lauri Ranta

    You could just try reinstalling OS X from the recovery partition (see It fixed a similar issue I had where different applications started crashing on launch. It keeps most user files and settings in place, so it might not fix account-specific issues though.

    Or if you don't want to recreate settings, try copying directories like ~/Library/Preferences/ and ~/Library/Containers/ to the new account.

  • markhunte

    You could try and move the finder preference file found at ~/Library/Preferences/ out of the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder and do an immediate relaunch of the finder.

    The pref could have a corruption or Possibly ( a guess ) hold a reference that is linked to the old HD that is causing the problem.

    You need to do the relaunch quickly or the setting in memory may get written to file before you do.

    To relaunch you can hold the 'alt' key and click on the Finder dock item. You should then see the Relaunch Menu item.

    enter image description here

    The finder will disappear and the come back in its default settings.

    A tip so you know you have a new finder setup is to sort the desktop by for example name. When the finder comes back up the sort should not be on and the folders/files on the desktop will not be ordered but dispersed.

    There are other ways to Relaunch the finder but it is best you try that first.

  • bmike

    Same SSD change, same Finder crashes.

    I solved my crash by one reboot in Safe mode.

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    I'm using Spaces on Mac OS X 10.6.7. Recently, several times a day, when I switch spaces using a hot-key (Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, etc.), the Finder application crashes and restarts. That's moderately annoying, as all of my minimized apps restart, but even more annoying some apps lose their windows entirely and have to be shutdown and restarted.

    Google has been unhelpful in identifying the problem. What might be going on, and how can I track down the error?

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