mac appstore - Can I re-purchase an app with a different apple ID?

  • xdumaine

    I have a development machine that another employee (who has left) purchased Xcode on. Now I want to update Xcode, but I don't have that employee's apple ID information. I signed out of the App Store and back in with my account, but it won't let me update or re-buy the app because it was originally bought with his account. Any ideas?

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  • bmike

    Simply delete the app from your machine. The store prevents two copies of the same app from being installed as a general case

    You should then be able to re-buy it as it would be a fresh download - signed for the account you prefer rather than a re-download of the app signed for the old Apple ID.

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  • Jam

    I bought the Xcode app from Apple's Mac App Store last night on a computer which I ended up returning. I now have a new Mac. After logging into the App Store, I am asked to repurchase the app.

    Should I do it? Will it know that the app has already been purchased on this account? Is there a way to re-download it instead of repurchasing?

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  • Mark Szymanski

    Yes, if you download the same app off of the same account it will be redownloaded for free without charging your account again. The same goes for apps on the iOS App Store.

  • palaniraja

    Goto Purchased tab of App Store and click install

    Goto purchased tab of "App Store" and click "install"

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